daily gratitude

My life is full. I’m using that word more than busy intentionally. It feels hectic sometimes and I’m constantly buzzing around from thing to thing to thing.

Most days I have to pause, and reflect how fortunate I am to do spend my days so fully doing things I enjoy.

Today, a warm and comfortable December morning in Florida, I spend hours in my seed saving gardens with two amazing women that help me tend them. Huxley the dog gets to come today because school is out, so no students or anyone else is around. I love hanging out with him, and knowing he is ecstatic to be free to follow his desires, and check in with the humans for love.


After the garden wraps up (I really could stay there all day!), I go to my office at Working Food to pack up the van quickly for the farmers market. One pop up attempt before the holidays to sell seeds and artsy things. Seeds that I curated, gifts that I made.

Mikey comes to market at the end with Huxley to help us pack up, and now I sit at home making a blog post and catching up on a few work things.

13 hour day non-stop, but filled with wonderful things.

Lucky me.

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