Blog. Finally!

After years of procrastination, here alas, is a compilation of my cancer story, survival mechanisms, and recipes. Sprinkled in with gardening and other earthy things because I can’t help it.

a few of my favorite things

I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty and diversity of nature. Fairly frequently, she amazes me with outright weirdness, bizarre forms, gooey structures, foul smells, stunning beauty, and unexpected features. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my garden lately, and walking Huxley in the woods. There has been plenty to observe and admire,…

death happens

Life and death are intertwined. I am reminded nearly everyday of the omnipresence of death, but the past few months have been heavy.

Arthur & The Squash

My cat likes squash, I think it’s funny! Just something silly and fun to make you smile.

on hairlessness

Losing body hair, head to toe can be a frightening, vulnerable, annoying and joyous experience. Here’s mine.

a seed waits for no one

It’s that time of year when seeds are ripening at all hours of the day for many weeks. No time to rest.