On June 27, 2012 my world changed forever. A pesky lump that had been growing in my toosh and that was removed a couple weeks earlier, turned out to be cancer. I was diagnosed with “undifferentiated high grade primitive sarcoma”, whatever that means! It turned out to be localized and so I endured over the course of the remaining year two additional surgeries and several rounds of radiation.

A few months after all that, the monster returned and it had travelled this time, finding its way to my lungs in multiple spots. I endured 6 rounds of the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin. I also added in some treatments of my own, and after my last chemo day on July 30, 2013 I appeared to be free of all signs of cancer. Till the present day, I continue to live cancer free, but never free from its after effects.

Throughout this life-changing experience I learned many things about life, myself, and wellness. I have been asked numerous times by friends and friends of friends what I did, and if I would share my thoughts with others. At first I was hesitant, because I know that as a cancer patient you receive all sorts of advice that you may or may not want. So unless explicitly asked, I didn’t tell. But even then I felt like I didn’t want to be giving out “advice” for what worked for me, but might not for others. I’m not a doctor, I don’t really know how this all works.

But I found a way. And if I could beat metastatic mother fu*%ing sarcoma then I should tell the world if they want to know.

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