Blog. Finally!

“So, when are you gonna start a blog?!”

“Ha! I’m too distracted for another project”, I said.

“Some other time”, I said.

Two years later after enough requests (sadly) about my cancer story, what I did to survive it, and also my “recipes” I have decided it will better serve you and me, to just have this site up! So many of you wanted to share my story with your loved ones that are fighting cancer, in the hope that something there might help them.

I hope it can be helpful to others, and maybe even a bit interesting and beautiful. I’m still working on filling in the content, so this will be a work in progress.

My cancer journey is unique, as is each and every case. So please don’t think that doing what I did will cure someone else’s disease. Each cancer, each person, each situation responds differently. I believe that food and lifestyle choices presented here are useful for daily living, not just during times of crisis. Find what is useful and resonates.

If you have anything at all to add, recent articles related to this topic, or want to share comments or stories of your own, please do.

I love you!

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