I am a huge believer in eating local and fresh, and it’s easy when you have a CSA! Mike and I have one with The Family Garden. We’ve had a CSA for many years, and I’ll never go without. Every week from October through May or so, we get a box of veggies. It’s the adult, food-lovers version of Christmas morning. Once a week, we open the box, excited to see what’s inside!

Some weeks are more lean, others abundant. That’s the point of a CSA. We go with the ups and downs of the farm. If it’s been a really cold few weeks, the plants grow slower and there isn’t as much harvest. A hard freeze, hurricane, or other condition beyond their control affects their gifts to us.

Farming is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, the most under-valued and under-paid. We try however we can to support the hard working people that feed us, no matter where they are from. No farmers, no food.

We’re happy with whatever is provided in our box, and for the most part have more than we need. Sometimes our chickens get left overs!

I, of course grow a lot of food for my job! Lucky me, I am a professional gardener! A lot of our trial and seed gardens can be grazed from (read more about the Southern Heritage Seed Collective). Knowing so many other growers also means never having a bare pantry or refrigerator. People that grow food are very generous, I’ve found.

For the most part we follow a paleo-style diet. But we’re not perfect and don’t pretend to be. The hardest part for me, is SUGAR! I’ve played a bit with deserts that are low or no added sugar, to satisfy my life-long sweet tooth. The less sugar in your diet, the more accepting you’ll be of these deserts. Some friends make faces, others cherish them and ask for the recipe.



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