migration & grief

Migration reminds us of the cycles of life, and can offer comfort in times of despair.

healing hues

Tapping into hues that resonate with you, can be a powerful experience towards healing, well-being and connectedness to that which is far greater and vast than ourselves.


Life is always an ebb and flow of events and experiences that shape us. Some are transformative, like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into butterfly.

daily veggie bowl

This thing can be breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three. It’s awesome, tasty, satiating, and healthy. Equally important it makes use of available ingredients in your fridge.

daily gratitude

Most days are abundantly full of activity. Every one is a blessing when I am fortunate to labor at something I love.

Seminole pumpkin cheesecake

No added sugar, gluten free, spicy delicious cheesecake using my favorite southern heirloom, the Seminole Pumpkin.

Blog. Finally!

After years of procrastination, here alas, is a compilation of my cancer story, survival mechanisms, and recipes. Sprinkled in with gardening and other earthy things because I can’t help it.