death happens

Life and death are intertwined. I am reminded nearly everyday of the omnipresence of death, but the past few months have been heavy.

Arthur & The Squash

My cat likes squash, I think it’s funny! Just something silly and fun to make you smile.

on hairlessness

Losing body hair, head to toe can be a frightening, vulnerable, annoying and joyous experience. Here’s mine.

a seed waits for no one

It’s that time of year when seeds are ripening at all hours of the day for many weeks. No time to rest.

Seminole Pumpkin Cheesecake

I am obsessed with a local badass southern heirloom squash, the Seminole Pumpkin. It grows well here here, tastes amazing, stores a long time and is super versatile in the kitchen. Plus it has a wonderful story, evolving hand in hand with native tribes living in Florida. It sustained them, and they coaxed forth an…