Art Shoppe

Inspiration builds as I’m in the world observing and admiring. I jot the idea down in a phone app and ruminate on it for awhile. When I finally create or find time and desire,  I get totally lost in the process. Lately it’s linoleum carving and printmaking and I think this craft will be with me forever. I have dabbled in lots over the years before falling in love with this. Stained glass, mosaics, sewing, quilting, card making, knitting, crocheting, button-making, sketching….

I donate lots of proceeds to local non-profits I love, and have drawn custom graphics for local farm products. You can shop a selection of some of my work in my art shoppe!

Check out the link to the shop here. 

Here are a few things from over the years. Except for the stained glass, I can probably nearly reproduce about anything, if you want something hand made for yourself or as a gift! It just might take me 10 years to finish it. Kidding, not kidding.