Inspiration Calls

Inspiration builds as I’m in the world observing , admiring, snapping pictures, and gathering found items. I’ve been a scatterbrained artist all my life, dabbling in all sorts of media including stained glass, mosaics, sewing, quilting, card making, knitting, crocheting, button-making, sketching, painting and probably more….

I think I’ve finally found my flow and calling with printmaking and watercolors. This is a hobby and I’m not motivated to commercialize or produce past what feels right. A few items are for sale from time to time in my Art Shop (button below). I love when my art can be enjoyed and used for good in the world. I’ve donated proceeds to local non-profits I love, and have drawn custom graphics for local farm products.

Drawing and painting a plant or critter requires a lot of close observation to detail, and I develop a new relationship with these beings when they are sketched, carved or painted. I’ve grown all of the plants I re-create and know many of the critters well too.

Below is a sample of some of my work.